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Corvus Belli Will be at Gen Con

I've talked recently about how going to a convention is a lot of time and effort. Now, that's for people who are in the same state or even country as the convention in question. What about when the convention is on an entirely different continent? That obviously takes a lot of planning and dedication. Thankfully, the crew over at Corvus Belli have done that planning and have that dedication. They'll be in Indy once again for Gen Con.


At the show, they'll have their new Army Pack. This takes the USAriadna and pumps it up with extra dice, a scenery pack, more miniatures, new troop stats, and new sectorial army list. This will bring the USARF crew up to speed with other forces at a pretty quick pace. There will also be a Gen Con exclusive figure: Captain Roger Van Zant armed with a new Armor Piercing Rifle. Sounds pretty sweet.