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Corvus Belli Taking Pre-Orders For Operation Red Veil Box Set

We all know my love of 2-player starter sets for games. You and a buddy can make a single purchase, grab some glue, and get to playing as soon as the figures are together. It's the single-purchase ease of a board game, but in a minis game. Well, Corvus Belli has a new Infinity starter box that they're taking orders for. It's called Operation Red Veil.

The set pits the Yu Jing against the Haqqislam forces. Each of those factions has a new starter set that's inside the box. Plus, there's an exclusive figure for each faction that's also found only in the set. And when you pre-order, you get another exclusive figure. There's also dice, a game mat, cardboard scenery, markers and templates, and an introductory rulebook. If you're going to be at Gen Con, there's a special pack for you, too.

Orders are being taken now through the 9th, so you've got to hurry.