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Corvus Belli Taking Orders For USAriadna army pack for Infinity

Sometimes you just want to get a whole force at once. Whether it's because you're entering a new game and don't want to worry about custom-creating a force (that is oftentimes not very optimal in terms of tabletop power), or because you've got that "faction itch" and want to try something new for a game you've played for a while, getting an entire force at once can make things a lot easier. Game companies sometimes come along and really help out with that, by giving extra incentives for buying an entire force (such as that Bolt Action deal they've got going on). Well, Corvus Belli is helping you get a new force for Infinity with their USAriadna Army Pack deal that you can order now.

USA Force

This new set comes with:

* 9 minis (+1 extra during the pre-order)
* 3 dice
* Game board
* Navajo scenery pack
* Rulebook (in Spanish and English)
* Game Accessories (tokens, templates, etc)