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Corvus Belli Shows Off May Releases For Infinity

We're about a week away from May. So that means that all the rain we've been getting here the past couple days is gonna pay off. I don't think the rain has anything to do with new miniatures, though. Either way, Corvus Belli is showing off their May releases for Infinity.

So, what all is there? Well, Ariadna is getting a 5th Minutemen "Ohio" Reg. PanOceania has some new ORC Troops. Yu Jing is getting an O-Yoroi Pilot. The Nomads are getting a Gecko Pilot (lots of pilots coming next month). The Combined Army is getting their Zerat Special Missions Reg. Major Luna is a new mercenary coming out. ALEPH is getting the Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Pack. And Tohaa is getting a Gorgos Pilot (see what I mean about the pilots?).