Corvus Belli shows off June 2013 releases for Infinity

By Polar_Bear
In Infinity
Jun 27th, 2013

Corvus Belli has posted up pictures of their June releases for Infinity.

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  • Marauder

    Yay, Infinity News! 😉


    • It’s always rough since they don’t send it to me, directly, so it’s just when I come across it. And since a lot of their updates are on FB, and FB is rather flighty about always posting updates to everyone that watches a page, I’m sure I miss a bunch.

  • Nosaj Verush

    I have been out of the loop with Infinity. Are the bikers Yu Jing?

    • joesmokem

      Yes, they can be used in Ju Ying and the Japanese Sectorial Army

  • chaoshead87

    About time we had some news for this game.

    Just in time for the infinity week on beasts of war.

    Very nice minis as always.