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Corvus Belli Previews New Aristeia: Soldiers of Fortune Preview

Corvus Belli has hit the ground running with Aristeia, their sci-fi sports miniatures game. But, as much as people might be loving the base game, gamers are almost always wanting more. Corvus has listened. The first expansion for the game is almost upon us (release date of March 23rd). It's called Soldiers of Fortune, and if you wanna check out what you can expect, look at this new preview.

From the post:

Soldiers of Fortune is coming!

First Aristeia! Expansion: Soldiers of Fortune (SoF) is here.

Four new characters (Señor Massacre, Valkyrie, Laxmee and Hannibal) come to HexaDome.
Four new tactics cards will be available for each new Aristeia! character.
Two new States are incorporated: Focused and Stunned.

Soldiers of Fortune (SoF) is an expansion designed around a mercenary group from minor Leagues of Aristeia!