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Corvus Belli Previews Characters From Aristeia

Aristeia! is Corvus Belli's venture into the world of fantasy sports. We'll be first introduced to this through their starter box. In this preview, take a look at the characters that'll be coming in said box and check out their various stats and special abilities.

From the preview:

As weeks go by, Aristeia! gets closer (if you have not heard yet, Aristeia! will be on pre-order October the 26th 2017). We’ve already told you what’s waiting for you in the new game from Corvus Belli (Inside Aristeia!), and today we are going to talk about the true protagonists: the characters.

You’ve seen the pin-ups of what Kenny Ruiz has done, and we have to say, they are amazing, but the best is inside the box.

The Core Box will come with 8 plastic miniatures, preassembled and ready to storm the HexaDome. Each character, apart from looking amazing, has different sets of skills and unique game mechanics that we are sure will adapt to your playstyle.