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Corvus Belli Posts Up New Infinity Releases

In today's Terrain Corner we got a look at some new terrain pieces specifically designed for Infinity. Well, if you've got terrain for Infinity, you might as well have some miniatures for Infinity. You might already have all of the current Infinity models, though (or at least, all of the ones you currently want to have). Well, it's a good thing that Corvus Belli is coming out with some new Infinity models, then, isn't it?

So, starting off Ariadna is getting Devil Dog Teams. Yu Jing is getting the Su-Jian Immediate Action Unit (like the look of that robot). The Nomads are getting the Corregidor Bandits (as opposed to the Corrugated Bandits). For you Mercenary-types, there's Armand "Le Muet," Freelance Killer. Last, but not least, ALEPH gets Hector, Homerid Champion.