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Corvus Belli Posts March Infinity Releases

Along with their special St. Patrick's giveaway, Corvus Belli is also showing off the next group of releases for Infinity.
You know, not everyone in a miniatures game, especially one like Infinity, has to be a super-combat-wombat. It's not always going to be a figure with a huge machine gun and tons of armor. You've got a lot of support figures. This month, a lot of the minis fall into that category.

So what are these new releases? We've got Col. Yevgueni Voronin, Cossack Diplomatic Corps for Ariadna (both with and without his puppy). Then there's the Neoterran Corporate Executive for PanOceania and his... briefcase. After that is the Dragon Lady, Imperial Service Judge for Yu Jing, who comes with her little pig-dog-pet thing and parasol. Yu Jing also does have a guy with a gun. That's Kanren, Counter-Insurgency Group. After that is Tariqa, High Rank Counselor for Haqqislam. Following her is the Midnight Sun Analyst for the Nomads. And finally, the Combined Army gets the Umbra Samaritans.