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Corvus Belli Posts Infinity Outrage Missions

The Infinity world expands out from just the miniatures game. There's also a comic based on it. Now, you can bring those events off of the pages and onto your tabletop with the Outrage Missions pack.

From the announcement:

The Outrage Mission Set is now available, and it includes the troop profiles of the Dolly Dagger Team and Jethro, as well as the Druze Bayram Security Sectorial Army completely ready to assist him.

Due to the circumstances of the story (we are not going to spoil anything) these characters and the Sectorial Army cannot be a part of official ITS lists. However, these characters and their models are so charismatic that they deserve their own troop profiles to play with them, even not in an ITS tournament. So, we offer you a pack of missions in this PDF, which is completely free, to recreate some of the most thrilling scenes of the manga.

With these missions, not only you will be able to play with the miniatures from the Infinity Outrage box, you will also be able to revive those action-packed moments from the manga and bring them to life on your gaming tables.