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Corvus Belli Looks Inside the 300 point Tohaa Pack

Getting an entire army in one purchase is something a lot of gamers I know like to do. It saves a bit of hassle of trying to find different models that come out to a particular point cost and, instead, gets you ready to play as soon as the glue dries on the figures. Corvus Belli has a new 300 point army pack for the Tohaa faction for Infinity. They've posted up a deeper look into just what you get.

The set is designed for flexibility as well as showing off all the different tricks you can do within the faction. You've got things like the Kamael Light Infantry, a cheap unit that helps fill out the force. There's also the Clipsos Infiltrator, who can start out further onto the battlefield and be camouflaged against enemy attacks. Getting up close and personal are the Makaul Troops, designed with melee combat in mind. That's just the start of what all you get in the set.