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Corvus Belli Fat Yuan Yuan Golden Ticket Event

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of my favorite movies (I even don't mind Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to be honest). One of the concepts from the movie that has permeated into "everyday life" is the idea of the Golden Ticket. Well, Corvus Belli has grabbed their top hats and purple coats and is putting Golden Tickets in Fat Yuan Yuan boxes.

From the announcement:

Corvus Belli decides to run a contest and place ¡6 Golden Tickets! inside the Fat Yuan Yuan Boxes. The lucky finders of these tickets will get: 1 Fat Yuan Yuan t-shirt, 1 Fat Yuan Yuan patch, 1 IV Interplanetario Special Marker and...¡A visit Corvus Belli´s factory! Travel expenses and accommodation not included (valid until 12/30/2018)