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Corvus Belli Creating Limited Edition Achilles Figures for Infinity

It's amazing how fast time goes by. Sometimes you think, "oh hey, I thought that game just came out" when you realize it's been around for a decade already. Not to say that I constantly think that Infinity just came out, but I'd not realized that it'd been a decade since the sci-fi skirmish game made it to store shelves. Well, it has, and Corvus Belli is celebrating with special edition versions of Achilles.

Achilles has new stats as he runs around in his revamped Hoplite armor. Your Aleph armies have a new model to lead the charge into battle (seems fitting. Just watch out for enemy hectors). The figure will be available in the two versions. One version will be released separately in a couple months, but the two-pack will be the only way to get one of the sculpts.