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Corvus Belli Announces Smoke & Mirrors Expansion for Aristeia

Spectator sports are half physical contest and half entertainment, after all, so having a few mirrors and some smoke makes sense, especially in a contest like Aristeia. As such, a quartet of new players will be making their way to the pitch. And they're coming in the appropriately titled Smoke & Mirrors set. We get a look at them here.

From the announcement:

Smoke & Mirrors: Entertainment at its best arrives in Aristeia!

Corvus Belli announces the second Aristeia! expansion!

Four new fighters (Kozmo, Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza, Táowù, and Murtair) arrive in the HexaDome to change the perception of the game.
A new State and new token are incorporated: A Burning and Smoke.

The Smoke & Mirrors (SnM) expansion pack is going to change the perception of the game, making it more entertaining than ever before! A Padre-Inquisidor willing to burn heretics, an Asian sorcerer who tortures his enemies with their worst nightmares, a bloodthirsty half-breed Wulver, and a robot that throws smoke grenades comprise the incredible characters who will mesmerize the audience. Nothing is what it seems in Aristeia!