CorSec Enginneering previews 15mm Barrier Fence

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Nov 30th, 2011

CorSec Enginneering previews the Barrier Fence for 15mm:

From their announcement:

Having trouble keeping your colony safe from roaming dinosaurs or giant alien bugs? Need a new laser or plasma fence? We have the solution for you. The CorSec Engineering Barrier Fence.

This fence is designed to work with 15mm. Plans are to release a 28mm version as well.

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  • Darsc Zacal

    I’m a bit confused.

    If this is supposed to be a laser or plasma barrier, shouldn’t the crossbars of the fence be made of a clear, transparent perhaps colour tinted plastic to reflect that? While the posts themselves should be solid?

    Having the posts transparent as shown in the photo, while the crossbars are solid, doesn’t make much sense to me. Reverse that as I have suggested and I believe it would look a lot more interesting.

    Having said that I think The fence also looks promising as a low tech barrier if the entire thing was painted as a solid.

  • JRacel

    I think the idea is that you would paint the clear crossbars/posts and can use whatever type of bars you want. Some want solid metal bars, some want wood like Terra Nove and others want the clear plastic for laser/energey etc. CorSec plans to do the posts and maybe some clear beams, but you could buy just the posts and use your own material for the beams if you did not want the clear plastic ones.

    Does that help? They have been discussed on several forums, so this has less info than some other locations on CorSec’s plans.


    • Darsc Zacal

      Thanks for that. I’m a longtime mini collector/gamer but have only recently considered exploring the scifi genre, so I’m not yet too familiar with what’s out there for it yet. This fence was new to me.

  • JRacel

    Welcome to Sci-Fi gaming then Darsc Zacal. CorSec is a newer company and is feeling out the waters for what people want, so they have been showing off some ideas and getting input before making the new fences. I have had good dealings with CorSec and look forward to their new products for my 15mm Sci-Fi gaming.

  • We will most likely be offering them with or without 3″ clear acrylic rods. We will also list all the various part numbers from companies like K&S or Plastruct that offer compatible sized rods. Plastruct has several colors of florescent rods that can be used for a scifi look. Wooden downs are also an option for the Terra Nova look.

    It is designed to be painted. The clear acrylic is a good base so people can get whatever feel they want. We will post pictures of a painted version once we get the Acrylic rods in.

    The corners are getting a major overhaul from this prototype. The hope is to make them work as a T section as well. Assembly is a paint but we hope to fix that in the next revision.

    28mm version will be later after this set has had the bugs worked out. Easier to work out the problems on the smaller set and then upscale it.

    • Darsc Zacal

      I will be watching with interest for the 28mm posts then.

      I have to say that’s very helpful of you to provide manufacturers names and part numbers for the acrylic rods. I wouldn’t have known where to find them easily otherwise.