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CorSec Engineering taking pre-orders for Omni-ruler and new omni-stand aerial support base

2 announcements today from CorSec Engineering.

The first is that they're taking pre-orders for their Omni-Ruler retail display case.
The next is that they've got a new Omni-Stand Aerial support base to help keep your flying models flying high and not crashing to the tabletop.

From the updates:

We have been working towards the goal of making the Omni-Ruler line available to retailers. We decided against packs because it limits the choices that gamers can make. So we have opted to go with a retail display capable of holding all 12 colors in sections and end caps.

The Omni-Stand Aerial Support Base allows you to use a single base to represent airplane support. It has an integrated DiceDock that holds the 14mm airplane dice used in Flames of War*.