CorSec Engineering releases Firestom Armada turn template

By tgn_admin
In Accessories
Mar 22nd, 2011

CorSec Engineering have released a turn template for use with Firestom Armada.

Firestom Armada turn template

From their announcement:

The Docking Turn Template is designed to be used with Firestorm Armada. The template has hash marks every inch for movement as well as 45 degree turns on both corners. It also features a notch for docking it with the stand 40mm by 40mm base that is used in Firestorm. This allows you to easily and accurately determine firing arcs.

  • blackfang

    The shape is perfect, I would just prefer the inch marks more pronounced.

    • Same here, but that’s nothing a little black paint or a gundam marker can’t solve.

  • corseceng

    The angle is funny on this picture. The marks are easy to see. However to clarify these have had white paint added to bring them out. You can add black or any color you like. I just dropped a bit on my finger and smeared it in the etching then wiped the extra off. You can also use the classic crayon method but I found that to be a pain.

    • Either way it looks like great tool and I’ll certainly be picking one up!