CorSec Engineering releases 28mm and 15mm Barrier Fences

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May 18th, 2012

CorSec Engineering also keeps your mini-crowds in line with some new fence terrain pieces that are now available.

From them to you:

We have expanded out Barrier Fence line to include complete 28mm and 15mm sets.

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  • Those prices seem pretty reasonable.. am I missing something? 6 bucks for a tower with the rods, 7 bucks for the gate with rods, 4 bucks per standard section?
    I hope this is accurate.. so I can fulfill my dreams of making Carnasaurus Theme Park where we learn that Lizardmen did make it to the grimdark, they just all live in a Michael Chrichton novel…

  • The prices are accurate. We did a lot of work to keep the costs reasonable. It gets a little more expansive if you swap out the rods for 1/8″ florescent or aluminum tubing. Plastruct or K&S are good sources for those. We sell them with or without clear acrylic rods.

    • Very helpful.. FYI, on your webpage, you link to the colors on the Plastruct webpage. The link for red is a duplicate of the green and takes you there instead of red.

      • Thanks for the heads up. I went fixed it and went ahead and added links to the 1/8″ diameter rods for the 28mm version.

  • These are highly recommended – here’s a quick review I posted on Dropship Horizon awhile back, and a glimpse of what they look like on a battlefield:

    link text

    -Chris K.