CorSec Engineering release 108″ by 56″ Space Mats

By tgn_admin
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Jan 19th, 2011

CorSec Engineering have released 108″ by 56″ Space gaming mats.

Blue Nebula 1 preview

From their announcement:

CorSec Engineering is releasing 4 new space mat patterns. Each mat is 108″ by 56″. These patterns are base on beautiful nebula to add a fantastic background to your games.

Mats Cost $150 and are available with Hex and Square Overlays

  • txMaddog

    Nice looking mats but $150 each?!?! Not worth it.

  • I -REALLY- like these. This would fill my table. Hotz has really nice stuff too but their available sizes (with hexes) don’t work for me.

    However. $150? Wow. Worth it in the long run I guess but that’s a lot of space gaming to get in to justify the price.

  • corseceng

    The price ended up being more then what we anticipated. We are trying hard to find a solution to bring it down but it does not look like it will happen any time soon. However these mats will last a long time. They are heavy weight cotton. No snagging on you bases like with felt. We do not advise it because the blacks fade when washed but in a pinch you can even wash the mat. If you take care of it then you should get a long life from them.

    We have also had a lot of requests for 4′ by 6′ size. The cost difference to us is very small so we decided to go with a single size. We are also working on a sample system to help demonstrate the quality to potential customers.

    Jonathan Bowen
    CorSec Engineering