CorSec Engineering new product update

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Oct 7th, 2011

CorSec Engineering has added new colors to their Omni Ruler.

From their website:

We have added more colors to the Omni-Ruler line. Quickly and easily create your own custom ruler or range stick. They are interchangeable and collapse for easy storage. The new colors open up a wide range of options. Create a ruler that matches the faction you play or even your favorite sports team.

New colors include:





Omni-Rulers are sold by the inch so you can order just enough to meet your needs. Each individual ruler requires a single end cap to give you a flush end with no threads.

1″ Sections: $0.49

1″ End Caps: $0.74

  • youlooklikeanail

    I bought a set of these when they first came out, for use with Dystopian Wars. I made a set of range rulers with the 8″ range bands done in alternating colours. Super handy. Good product.

  • Just made an order. I’ve wanted some of these for a while (my old cane with texta sticks are looking worn out).