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CorSec Engineering has new tokens for Force on Force and Tomorrow's War

CorSec Engineering just released new magnetized token sets for Force on Force and Tomorrow's War. Go have a look-see.

From them to you:

Many Ambush Alley Games players have asked us about the availability of game markers for Force on Force and Tomorrow’s War. We’re pleased to announce a partnership with CorSec Engineering to produce officially licensed markers for both game systems.

The innovative new markers from CorSec Engineering are magnetic for ease of storage and feature artwork that originated with one of the AAG forum members. They cover situations like casualties, pinned, hidden, vehicle damage, overwatch, and many, many other in-game situations. The markers are available from the CorSec Engineering website today ( and will soon be available in retail hobby stores. The tokens will be available in both 40 token sets (one sheet) and 80 token sets (two sheets) for $6.99 and $10.99 respectively. Gamers can purchase a Vehicle sheet, Infantry sheet, or one of each as options. <--more!-->

“We think CorSec Engineering offers an excellent option for our players. The markers are attractive, magnetic (so you can stick them to a metal ruler or the side of a storage box), easy to read and come at a great price point,” said Shawn Carpenter of AAG.

“I’m excited to be working with the folks at Ambush Alley Games and to be a part of two very popular game systems,” said Jonathan Bowen of CorSec Engineering. “We’re already in discussions with several distributors, so these should be available in stores soon.”