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Corpse Hammer Preview: House Remegoth Death Eaters

Corpse Hammer puts up another preview. This one is for their House Ramegoth Death Eaters.

From the preview:

For preview we have the House Remegoth Death Eaters. The Death Eaters wield the heavy Crucigoth Butcher Blade as well as the Blade Bulwark Shield. The Crucigoth Butcher Blade is House Remegoth's own unique melee weapon. It is used in powerful strokes to render the Death Eater's enemies asunder. The sword may be turned sideways and used to block incoming ranged attacks from the Necrovanum.

Yet to add to the Death Eater's defensive capabilities is the Blade Bulwark. A thick shield capable of blocking almost any attack, the bulwark has a blade running along its circumference allowing the shield to be swung sideways and used as an additional hand weapon. The Blade Bulwark may also be hurled into enemies, thoroughly engorging the Death Eater's unfortunate enemies.

Usually units are named after their weapons. However since each house has its own unique melee weapon, these melee specific units are given a singular name across all houses. Hence, Death Eaters.

House Remegoth Death Eaters are 4 models per unit.
Death Eaters (4 Minis) - $24
Will be available in the Corpse Hammer Kickstart in early October.