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Corpse Hammer Kickstarter is Live. Also House Remegoth Carrion Callers Preview

Red Knight Entertainment has started up their Corpse Hammer Kickstarter. They've also got a new preview up. This is for the House Remegoth Carrion Callers.

From the update:

The Corpse Hammer Kickstarter is live! Please support if you may!

House Remegoth Carrion Callers Preview
For preview we have the House Remegoth Carrion Callers. The Carrion Callers are a heavy weapon unit armed with the Carrion Caller Quad Barrel Cannon. Aside from providing a continuous barrage of heavy mid-range firepower the Carrion Caller also has two blades attached at the front allowing the wielder close combat attacks. Anyone within striking distance may be lunged upon and gored by the heavy weapon. Removing one's enemy from the blades requires a simple pull of the trigger. The cannon may also be swung up or down using the blades in the sense of a makeshift axe. In a more defensive role the Carrion Callers also carry the Blood Buckler shield, a smaller version of the Blood Bulwark Shield carried by the Death Eaters.

House Remegoth Carrion Callers come 2 models per unit - $13