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Cornish Smuggler By Grublin Games Review By Club Fantasci

Club Fantasci's David Lowry takes a look at Cornish Smuggler (probably smuggling hens) and gives us his thoughts on the subject.



From the review:

The sound of seagulls fill the air as the dawn breaks on the horizons. Waves slap up against the hulls of ships and docks, bringing to life the sound of the ocean on a foggy morning. The distant rings of the boundary bell clang in the distance and the ship’s scuttle to life with each individual ships hands preparing to set sail. “Release the lines!” shouts the first mate on your ship! You survey your crew and think about the day’s schedule and goods you are to pick up and deliver. Last night was spent greasing the palms of the city’s mayor and most influential religious leader to hide your goods when you come back to port. If all goes well, you’ll make a good score and be able to pick up a bigger load next time. The plan keeps the customs officer of your back and chasing your rivals tail. Best getting moving and get back before it all falls apart. “Set sail!” you shout to your first mate. “Set sail!” he confirms and the crew leaps into action preparing to launch your plan of action and make you a purse full of gold!