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Coriolis Sci-Fi RPG Up On Kickstarter

The Third Horizon beckons. Humanity has taken to the stars. The first to make it out to the remote star cluster that is now called The Third Horizon were called the First come colonists (seems appropriate). They worship the Icons. Meanwhile, a new wave of people have started arriving in the system. They're the Zenithians, and they are following a bit more aggressive, imperialistic code. That's the story behind Coriolis, a new sci-fi RPG from the group that brought you Mutant: Year Zero.

For those that have played Mutant: Year Zero, you already have a grasp on the rules. They are, essentially, the same with a couple changes. Instead of "pushing" your rolls, you will instead Pray to the Icons. That will allow you a reroll. However, it will also give the GM a Darkness Point. Such points can then be used later, by the GM, to make life more difficult for the players. The gods, after all, always have their price.

The Kickstarter campaign just got underway and is already more than 2x funded with still 30 days left to go.