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Corbal Tower released and offers at The Ion Age

The Ion Age has their new Corbal Towers available now over on their website. They're also running a special on their domes.


From the release:

Now released and with a 10% off offer upon it to mark our birthday month for the next seven days is the IAF041 Corbal Deployable Hardpoint. A resin with white metal 15mm scale science fiction wargaming kit. It's more than a drop pod; but its not a drop ship. Its pretty unique. Its a tower than comes down from orbit or from high altitude to make a real impression on the enemy. On a column of fire it digs a crater into the ground and then settles atop it. In this static position its weapons offer cover to nearby allies and secures the immediate area. There it remains for the duration as a hard point of fortified resistance. The Corbal dominates the field!

Assembled it stands a mighty 90mm tall from the bottom of the crater to the top of the turret. It is 80mm wide at its widest point across the crater and the body of the Corbal is about 40mm wide.

One Week to Go on Geo Shelter Offers!
Early Supporter Offers and this time we are going for an expansion on the most excellent Ion Age terrain range with the SEORC Geo Shelters. We had a sneak peek posting on these structures. We have a series of offers for you. Single purchase or small or bigger bundles as these are terrain items. Choose what you want from our website and you can get free items saving 5.00GBP or 15% off release price. A chance to assemble a settlement and save before release. The offers run until 21st August 2014.

The SEORC Geo Shelters are brand new 15mm scale resin buildings. Useful in many different settings from our own space opera to near future, post apocalypse, arctic survival, refugee camps and temporary command stations during zombie outbreaks plus many more.

Information Burst
We are now at the mid point of our birthday month and what an event its turning out to be. A rock solid month so far and it keeps getting better but now this is the high point for those wishing to place one order with us for maximum fun and value. Why is this? Well the Corbal is now out and released with an offer on it for one week. We are at the half way point with a week to go on the Early Support Offers and Bundles on the SEORC Geo Shelters. You get a free IMP12Starvaulter Instructor in every order worth 0.60GBP and you can get all of the previous monthly miniatures in the Year One Collection too. Lastly we are putting freebies into all orders to roughly ten percent of product value too. Just imagine...supporter offers, release discounts, free miniature, extra free goodies AND by placing an order with us you sign up for an account and earn points on all purchases which can be used later for discounts, special items and more. By the Princess that is some amount of awesome!

Thanks for reading. There are many more images, links and information when you click through.