Copplestone releases first WW1/Interwar vehicles

Copplestone Castings have released the first two of their new range of WW1/Interwar vehicles.

k53mgebrovsingleturret Copy.jpg

From their announcement:

We now have the first two of the next batch of our new range of 1/55th scale WW1/Interwar armoured vehicles:

K53 Mgebrov-Renaud Single-Turret Armoured Car – a chunky and unusual Russian WW1 vehicle – £20.

K54 Mgebrov-Renaud Twin-Turret Armoured Car – £20

Like our existing Vickers Independent and Vickers Medium Mk.III they are 1/55th scale kits with light-weight resin hulls and white metal wheels and guns etc.

Coming next the Putilov-Garford Heavy Armoured Car: