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Copplestone Caveman special offer

Copplestone Castings have sent details of their latest Special Offer as well as some new 15mm fantasy miniatures and Pulp vehicles. Cavemen Special Offer From their announcement:
This month`s special offer:
  • 2 x C26 Cavemen - they come with separate weapons so you can create your own variants.
  • 1 x C25 Cavewomen
  • 1 x C29 More Cavemen
  • 1 x C47 Caveman Characters
But no Cave Bear - though there is a half-finished one on my workbench. Offer ends 30th June.
Experiments In 15mm I've finally bitten the bullet and started using an optivisor (a headset with magnifying lenses) which did bring on an attack of 15mm.  For fun I made a few classic Barbarians, which are not part of range but I might sell as one-offs.  Here`s pic of a few of them - painted by Kevin Dallimore: 1/55th boats from HLBS Co. Richard Kemp, who makes all our 1/55th vehicles, has made 3 very nice late-nineteenth/early 20th century launches (the kind often carried by battleships) in the same scale for his own company HLBS Co.  One is British and the other 2 are Russian - suitable for all kinds of Darkest Africa or RCW adventures.