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Copplestone Castings releases massive K64 Mark IX Beast tank

Copplestone Castings has released their new k64 Mark IX Beast tank over on their website. It's a big 'un.

From the release:

K64 Mark IX Beast - a super-heavy Interwar-style tank. This resin kit is a massive 187mm long, 73mm wide and 58mm high. The figure in the picture (sold separately) shows what a monster the Mark IX Beast is.

K65 Mark IX Beast Accessory Set - all the bits you need to add more character to your straight-from-the-factory tank: 2 alternative sponson gun barrels, 5 pieces of baggage, 2 cable drums, 2 petrol cans, 6 ammo boxes, 1 long unditching beam and a short unditching beam with 2 support brackets.