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Copplestone Castings October Offer

Copplestone Castings is having an October special.

From their announcement:

This month there`s a 1960s spy KKBB offer - The Big Bang:
For only £60 you will get:

  • KKBB101 Top Agents

  • KKBB102 Trainee Agents

  • KKBB103 Henchmen

  • KKBB104 Guards in Berets

  • KKBB105 Freelance Agents

  • KKBB106 Guards in Hard Hats

  • KKBB107 Evil Genuises

  • KKBB108 KGB Men

  • KKBB109 Rogue Agents

  • KKBB110 Soul Section

  • KKBB111 More KGB Men

All KKBB miniatures supplied unpainted with 25mm plastc slotta-bases.

Offer price £60 plus 10% postage. Normal price £71.50.Offer ends 31st October.


Our next releases will be 15mm Characters and Snow Trolls.

Mark Copplestone