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Copplestone Castings New 15mm Packs

Copplestone Castings releases new 15mm packs to their online store:

From their announcement:

FM7 Barbarian Command.
3 chieftains in mail shirts, 3 hornblowers and 4 standard-bearers - one army totem (the Giant Elk skull) and 3 clan totems (the Aurochs Clan, the Bear Clan and the Wolf Clan), all marked with runes of power.

FM8 Shapechangers and Bears
3 mighty, heavily-bearded men with the huge bears into which they can transform themselves.

FM9 Cave Bears
The 3 bears from FM8 without the shapechangers.

FM10 Wolf Pack
16 wolves in 4 different poses. Please note that these wolves are the same as TM8 10mm Giant Wolves with the addition of an extra pose.

Next 15mm packs: Barbarian Archers and a Mammoth.

Mark Copplestone