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Copplestone announce fantasy 15mm Romans versus Barbarians range

Copplestone Castings have announced a new 15mm fantasy Romans versus Barbarians range. Northlander Warriors with Axes From their announcement:
My first pack of 15mm barbarians went down well, which has encouraged me to work on a project I've had in mind for a long time: a fantasy version of Romans versus Barbarians. The first army I'm working on is the Northlanders - a cross between Germanic tribesmen and Vikings. The first 2 packs are:
  • FM2 Northlander Warriors with Swords
  • FM3 Northlander Warriors with Axes
Both are packs of 12 assorted warriors randomly picked from a range of variants. The next packs (available in a couple of weeks) will be Northlander Characters (muscle-bound warchiefs and champions with a quartet of witches) and Snow Trolls.