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CoolMiniOrNot updates Add-ons for Rum & Bones

CoolMiniOrNot has listened to your feedback for their Rum & Bones Kickstarter campaign. They re-evaluated some costs and has decided to update the add-ons for Rum & Bones. Instead of $10 for a single mini, they're offering 3 new heroes for $15. You get a new Captain, Gunner, and Quartermaster for your add-on. Pretty easy way to add a lot of variance to your game sets.


From the campaign:

Mateys, tis a fine morning here at CMoN. The air is clean, the water is pure... And yet all does not seem right with the world...

So we've been looking over the feedback you guys have given in the comments over our new optional buy, Captain Anne Bonny, and the general consensus is that, well... You'd like to get a better deal for her.

Having seen the sculpt and samples of the plastic in person, she honestly blew me away in terms of sheer awesomeness, but the important thing is what you all, our loyal backers, consider fair and reasonable - none of this would be possible without you guys, after all, and you're helping us to bring our vision to life, and we deeply appreciate it.

So, having heard your concerns, we went in and looked at just what we could do for you all, and after much counseling and negotiation, this is what we've decided to do:

Captain Anne Bonny is being removed from the Optional Buy list. In her place, however, is the new and improved Wellsport Brotherhood Pack (which includes Miss Bonny, of course :) )

So, what's the specifics? Glad you asked:
For $15 you're going to get not one, not two, but three Heroes to add to your expanding roster of Wellsport Pirates.