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CoolMiniOrNot Taking Pre-Orders for The Grizzled

While WWII is certainly more written and talked about, I personally favor studying WWI. If I were still working on an advanced history degree, I'd possibly be doing my research on it in some form. It really set up the entire 20th century and basically created warfare as we know it today. WWI isn't only under-represented in books, documentaries, and other popular culture. It's under-represented in gaming, too. Well, CoolMiniOrNot is looking to fix that last part a bit, by coming out with an English edition of The Grizzled.

The Grizzled is a cooperative card game where players are a squad of soldiers just looking to survive the war in the trenches on the Western front. Players must try and play out their entire hand of cards, which grows more difficult as time progresses. The final goal is to uncover the peace card before you uncover the memorial card.

Pre-orders are being taken now with the release of the game scheduled for the 10th.