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CoolMiniOrNot Releases Grafting Lab Expansion for XenoShyft

You know, sometimes whatever appendages you're born with just aren't good enough in order to stem the tide of oncoming enemy aliens (*fluffs up hair* ... Alieeeens) all looking to steal away the stones you're trying to mine from their planet. It's ok. There are ways to make you stronger, faster, better. That's where the Grafting Lab comes in, and you can now add one to your XenoShyft decks.

Grafting Lab

The Grafting Lab, as one would expect, gives you options for enhancing your troops' combat abilities. The six new cards in the set include the “Cerberus” Arm Blade, “Charon” Buzzblade, “Chimera” Fusion Limbs, “Harpy” Bio-Mech Wings, “Manticore” Exoskeleton, and “Pandora” Explosive Implants. ... Not sure I'd want to see the test labs for the Explosive Implants...

The set is now available in the CMON webshop.