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CoolMiniOrNot Previews Rum & Bones Rulebook

CoolMiniOrNot has posted up the rulebook for Rum & Bones over on their Kickstarter page. It's interesting to think back to all the various iterations the game has gone through during development, getting better and better with each new update. During the middle of development, I'd missed a few playtest sessions and when I was finally able to get back to one, the game was almost unrecognizable from how it'd been before! I know that's nothing entirely novel to just Rum & Bones, but it always amazes me when I see it.
The team's been working hard on the book, and I hope you enjoy it.


From the post:

Backers! We're here today with a preview of the Rum & Bones Rulebook for you all!

Please be aware that this is an Alpha Rulebook. What that means is it is not final. Rules may still be tweaked and changed, layout and graphics may still be altered. So if you see anything in here that isn't the same later, understand that during the Kickstarter the project is still in development and all aspects are subject to modification - for the betterment of the product, of course!