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CoolMiniOrNot Posts XenoShyft Grafting Lab Expansion Preview Video

XenoShyft: Onslaught is getting its first retail expansion. The deck-building card game where you and your other teammates must mine for Xenosathem for NorTec and keep it safe from the murderous fauna that inhabit the planet. And trust me, they want that Xenosathem every bit as much as the company does and they're not going to let you stand in their way. The new set adds the Grafting Lab to your library of cards.

The set, which will be available October 24th, adds a new division to your base. The Grafting Lab takes a regular soldier and pumps them up to 11, going beyond what other divisions are able to do in terms of soldier-modification. Sure, there's some small price to pay, but it's all for the good of the company. There are six new cards in the set including the “Cerberus” Arm Blade, “Charon” Buzzblade, “Chimera” Fusion Limbs, “Harpy” Bio-Mech Wings, “Manticore” Exoskeleton, and “Pandora” Explosive Implants ("Explosive Implants" ... see what I mean about "small price to pay?")