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CoolMiniOrNot posts Update on Wrath of Kings

CoolMiniOrNot gives us an update on production for Wrath of Kings, along with a bunch of photos.


From the post:

Mr. Black here!

So while we wait for the boat to arrive here in the US, I've gathered up some images of the box packaging that China sent us before shipping everything out.

In addition, I have some up-close-and-personal images of the Twilight Knight box, as that model, being one of the resin specials, was handled here in the US.

First up, the main boxes from China.
And now moving into the Twilight Knight box, which will also show you just what you should expect in each package.
That box got passed around a bit, so excuse any dings and marks on it! The ones you guys will be getting are pretty and clean.

We're only a short time away, backers! Wrath of Kings is almost upon us!

-Mr. Black