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CoolMiniOrNot Posts New Dark Age Releases for August

Dark Age made quite a showing at Gen Con a couple weeks ago. The gallery of early releases I posted was one of my most-viewed during the event. Those of you that were at the show had a chance to pick these up. But for the rest of you (or any that weren't able to get a ninja-shopper for the event), you can now pick up these figures from the CMON webshop.

What's your favorite out of the new group? Kane makes a really strong showing, but I think I'm going to have to go with the Vrock. I've always been a big dinosaur fan, so anything like them instantly gets my attention. Included in the releases is Hoj, Warlord of Samaria. That's one of the figures of an Immortals tourney winner. Do you want to be able to create your own figure for Dark Age? Just come to Gen Con and win the Immortals tourney.

I gotta win me one so I can get a polar bear in the game. Of course, it'd work for the Ice Caste (how'd you guess that was the faction I played for the game?).