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CoolMiniOrNot Posts Letter To Stakeholders

Gaming, in general, has really been on the rise in the past several years. As "geek" and "nerd" culture become more mainstream and seen as a normal part of society (as much normal as geeks and nerds can be, anyway), more people are picking up hobby gaming to wile away the hours. Many companies have seen incredible growth in that time, one of them is CoolMiniOrNot. They've posted up a Letter to Stakeholders looking at the last couple years, as well as giving us a look at what's coming up.


For starters, the company made $17.2 million in 2015. Not bad for a company with only 30 people (yes, only 30. I know a lot of you think that CMON's like FFG-big in terms of personnel. It's not. :P ). But what can you expect coming up? Lots. Along with Sheriff of Nottingham and Krosmaster, you can prepare for Play Me, Looterz, Dojo Kun, Unusual Suspects, Potion Explosion, Waka Tanka, Tada, and more all getting into distribution this year.