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CoolMiniOrNot Posts Krosmaster Quest Release Update

One of the bigger stories to come out last year in terms of games changing hands was CoolMiniOrNot taking over English-language distribution of Krosmaster Quest, teaming up with Ankama to do so. Well, people have been wondering when an actual, factual release date for Krosmaster Quest would be. Well, the wait is almost over. Your quest will begin sooner than you may think.


The game will be available on March 26th. Yes, just a touch over 2 weeks from now. CoolMiniOrNot has also said that shipping for people who had pre-ordered the game will begin soon. Expect an e-mail soon, confirming your shipping address (gotta make sure the game goes to the right place, after all). Of course, if you have moved since you ordered, you'll be able to update to your proper address.