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CoolMiniOrNot Launches Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?
Actually, things are heating up for every resident of Arcadia. Inferno is upon us. From CoolMiniOrNot and Spaghetti Western Games, the Kickstarter campaign for the new stand-alone expansion for Arcadia Quest has been launched. Head down into the burning caverns, collecting gear and rescuing Angels along the way to the very center of the world.

Arcadia Quest Minis

You can check out the extended preview that our beloved Jared Miller did here. In general, Arcadia Quest puts you in control of three heroes all belonging to the same adventuring guild. You are given a quest to defeat the evil in the land and loot their treasure. But there's other guilds also looking to do the same thing. Only one group can get all the glory. So, sure, you might both be wanting to beat up the monsters, but you're not gonna let someone else kill-steal from you! Heck no! As such, the game has a PvPvE rules mechanic to it.

Inferno adds in some new mechanics like Damnation. Sure, you can use that cool demon-hammer, but at what cost?

The campaign just got underway and is set to run for the next 22 days.

Update: And funded in 6 minutes. Now on to the stretch goals.