CoolMiniorNot is Shipping Super Dungeon Explore

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Nov 10th, 2011


From their quote:

“The eagle has landed, I repeat, the eagle has landed!!!”

Every last one of the Super Dungeon Explore Box Game has been unloaded from the massive container, and we will do our best to get all our pre-orders and distribution orders shipped within the next 24 to 48 hours. All orders will be shipped in the order they were placed.

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  • Yes! Finally! Hopefully this will arrive on my doorsteps by Thanksgiving. 🙂

  • Woot! I will be unpacking it this weekend!

  • CMON-David

    As of now ALL pre-orders and trade orders have been shipped. Mind you, today is Veteran’s day, so there might be a very slight delay if any. We thank everyone for their patience and hope you enjoy your game!

    • pre-destined_corpse

      I pre-paid at CMON’s booth on the second day of Gen Con. Should I have received a shipping notification email by now? Is there any way to see order status?

  • Have all the notifications of being sent been emailed?
    I only ask as I have preordered through CMON, but have not received a shipping confirmation email.

  • CaffeineBoy

    Too. Sloooooooooow. I needs my ???? chibi dungeon goodness NOW-NOW-NOW!

    That said, excellent news. I cannot wait for SDE to arrive. Plus I’m looking intensely forward to the first expansion as well. Those turtle guys are the best. Thanks, CMON!