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CoolMiniOrNot headed to GenCon

CoolMiniOrNot is headed to GenCon Indy ... tomorrow! How do I know? I'll be in one of the trucks that's headed out.
For those that didn't see the awesome Dark Age promo video the other day:

We'll have a ton of the new Dark Age releases. Travis has been working hard on packing those up and getting them ready. Play in the Immortals tourney and have a chance to become a model in the game. We've got Zombicide Season II that will be there. So you can pick up Toxic City Mall and Prison Outbreak while there. We'll have special new releases from Soda Pop Miniatures for both Super Dungeon Explore (check out the GenCon coupon book for a special on that, as well as a special on Sedition Wars) and Relic Knights. We'll have Ted Terranova running demos of Rivet Wars for those that didn't get a chance to come out to the CMON Expo, plus the huge Rivet Wars display that Rob Hawkins was working on. Try out Wrath of Kings with one of the developers of the game. We'll have a big selection of our various products we carry as well. And of course, plenty of fun and surprises.

So come on out and see us at booth #1627.

But if you're looking for me, specifically, I'll be all around everywhere at the convention doing interviews and trying out the latest games. I'll be the one CMON dude in the KSU hat (Go State!).

But yeah, GenCon's gonna be a heck of a thing.