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CoolMiniOrNot GenCon wrap-up

CoolMiniOrNot is back home and the offices are humming as we sort through the event that was GenCon. It was a fantastic show and we're thankful for everyone that came and stopped by the booth.

We had a lot of events and special releases going on at the show. For those that might have missed out, or want to see what sort of things we'll have going on next year,

The big news for the show at the booth had to be release of the two new releases for Zombicide, Toxic City Mall and Prison Outbreak.

Showing up early Saturday morning, Kickstarter Backers were able to pickup their boxes at the show as well as GenCon attendees were able to pick up the new sets for themselves. It was a mad dash to get the displays set up, but we were happy to be able to get the games into the people's hands.
We also had demos of the game and expansions running all weekend, in case anyone wanted to try out the new sets.

Also happening at the booth was the release of the new Dark Age rulebooks. The Dark Age team has been working very hard on them and they just know players are going to love the changes to the game. The core system remains the same, but rules for army creation and army activation have been altered to make the game flow more smoothly and be more enjoyable during the course of a game.

Along with the rulebooks, many new models were available early for attendees. Players could get their hands on new Fire Caste models and try them out on the tabletop right away.

Everyone that saw the Dark Age display was drawn to it. Dark Age is back, baby, and ready to make an impact on the miniatures gaming scene!

As if that weren't enough at the CoolMiniOrNot booth, people were also getting demos of our latest game, Wrath of Kings. One of the game developers, Leif Paulson, was giving demo after demo at the booth as well as extended demos out in the minis hall.

The display case was also full of Wrath of Kings goodies. Not only did we have the painted studio models on display, but we also got in some production plastics to show off. It was cool helping our cameraman take the photos of these figures. You might consider me a bit biased, but the models look fantastic. They're full of great detail and had very few mold lines or flash to have to deal with on the figures.

Don't miss out on the Kickstarter campaign that's going on now.

Rivet Wars was also on display at the show. Game designer Ted Terranova was personally doing demos for a continuous stream of people. Helping to draw them in was the massive Rivet Wars display created by Rob Hawkins. This thing was huge and gorgeous, full of little details that meant that every time you looked at it, you found something new to catch your eye.

We even had special guests at the booth. Make a return appearance was Misterjustin from Secret Weapon Miniatures. People could stop by and talk with him and even watch him work, surrounded by his fantastic bases and painting products. Always great to be around, our thanks go to Misterjustin for spending the weekend with us!

With 2000 square feet to fill, the CMON booth was host to Soda Pop Miniatures, makers of Super Dungeon Explore and Relic Knights. Attendees were eager to try out both of these fantastic games, get a look at the upcoming releases, pick up the limited release Nyan Nyan hero for Super Dungeon Explore and Candy & Cola for Relic Knights and, of course, get their picture taken with the beautiful cosplay girls that Soda Pop always brings along.

It certainly was some booth at the show. There was something for just about everyone at the show and a good time was had by all.

But the booth wasn't the only place where the action was happening at GenCon. There were also several events taking place that were very popular amongst the GenCon attendees.

First was the Dark Age Immortals event. The winner of this tourney would have creative input into a new model for the game. That's some prize! I want to be a game piece and I think a lot of other gamers feel the same. Well, Dark Age is one place where your dream can come true.

This year's winner was Chris Hojonowski, now a 2-time Immortal. His first Immortal miniature was Hoj, Warlord of Samaria. What will he come up with this time?

Next was the event run by Zombicide superfan Jason. This unofficial event was very popular as he had created a Zombicide scenario based on Call of Duty: Zombies. The game included custom rules such as special gear you could search for and special awards for completing certain tasks during the course of the game. I got to watch a session be played and it was really exciting. Jason and I talked for a bit during and after the game, so you can expect a full article on that, soon.

It was quite a time at GenCon, that's for sure. Everyone worked really hard and though there were plenty of tired feet and long hours of driving, it was a great weekend and we wouldn't miss it for the world! GenCon again lives up to the tag line of "The Greatest Four Days in Gaming."

But... if you prefer something not quite so bustling and maybe a bit more laid-back, where you can catch some games with various game designers and want a convention that's "Just for the fun of it..." well... I'm just gonna leave this here...