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CoolMiniOrNot Expo features the first qualifier for Crystal Brush 2014

Crystal Brush is coming to an end soon at Adepticon. Didn't get in on the qualifiers? That's fine, you can come to the CoolMiniOrNot Expo the next month and get your first chance to be qualified for next year.

From the announcement:

Even though the 2013 Crystal Brush Finals are not quite done yet, Cool Mini or Not is already getting geared up for the new 2014 season for the esteemed Crystal Brush miniature painting competition! Hot on the heels of the big 2013 final event in April, Cool Mini or Not is hosting the first Road to Crystal Brush 2014 Qualifying event at their debut gaming convention – The Cool Mini or Not Expo over May 17th, 18th and 19th!

Come out to the show and bring your best and most skillfully painted pieces, pit them against other hopeful pieces, and possibly come out on top to win some great prizes…even airfare to the 2014 Crystal Brush Finals!!!!