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CoolMiniOrNot Event Registration Open for Adpeticon 2016

This Con Season may be over, but it's not going to be long before next year's starts up. With how wide the "Con Season" is, it barely ends at all. Besides, you gotta plan ahead for these things. You can't just wake up the day before an event and think, "Yeah, I'll go and get into all the events I want." Well, sometimes you can, but it's not a very good idea. Anyway, event registration is open for CoolMiniOrNot's events for Adepticon next year.

So, what sort of events will there be? Well... just about everything, really. If you're just starting out in a new game system, or want to start out in a system, there's the various "Build 'n' Play" events. You get a starter set for the game in question and the first step is to put it all together. Sit and chat and build minis. Sounds fun. After that, play in a mini-tourney with those forces. For something a little more advanced, they have some Beginner Tourneys as well. For the highest levels, there's the Dark Age March To Immortality and the Wrath of Kings Storyline events. That's really just the start. There's other stuff as well, you'll just have to go check it out.