CoolMiniOrNot Base System Featuring Micro Art Studio Kickstarter Launches

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 19th, 2014

CoolMiniOrNot has teamed up with Micro Art Studio to launch a new line of gaming bases. The Kickstarter just got underway, so go check it out.

CMON Bases


From the campaign:

Most decorative bases are designed as one piece, with terrain molded on top of a beveled game base. The CoolMiniOrNot system is actually two pieces. The first piece is a highly detailed terrain insert. The second piece is a black satin base, with a recessed center that holds the insert. This two part system creates a cohesive and beautiful base for your miniatures.

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  • The Beast Rampant

    Without stretch goals, not a particularly good value for a Kickstarter. AND shipping is an expensive $8 in the US…

    I’ll pick some up later.

  • blkdymnd

    Yeah, weird campaign for just resin inserts for already existing themes.

  • its about time ffs

  • hithero

    Not worth it, expensive and daylight robbery over EU shipping, $20 for a small $22 bag of plastic! And why do they mention vat when Micro art is in the EU anyway? Are they not making and shipping them themselves from Poland? And with the bad rep CMON have for delivering 3rd party material, why have they gone with them anyway, could have done it themselves.

    • Haibane

      Looks like Micro Art Studios is VAT registered, so they charge VAT on all sales within the EU. Polish VAT is 23% (wow, someone who gets even more screwed over than we do in the UK!). This is why the prices on the Micro Art webstore are unusual figures : divide them by 1.23 and you get round figures.

      • hithero

        Mantic are an EU company paying vat, as are many others, but the don’t charge excessive postage. CMON are charging the same as they do for a boxed game, this is just a bag of plastic which is actually under the value for paying vat and import duty anyway.

        • Haibane

          A company registered for VAT within the EU must pay VAT on all sales within the EU (unless the customer is also EU VAT-registered) : there is no minimum limit for this. The same company does not have to pay VAT on sales to outside the EU.

          So of the $75 pledge, $14 would be paid over in VAT for the EU-based backers. Given this, the $15-20 quoted for EU shipping isn’t so bad. Of course the $22 level is still unreasonable.

          • Haibane

            Then again I suppose Micro-Art’s income is routed through Cmon, which would alter the VAT situation somewhat.

  • BlazeXI

    For starters polish companies have to use foreign entities to run kick starters.
    Also the use of cmon is half of marketing done, as all backers of previpus kick starters from cmon will get notification.
    Maybe their volsung ks was not successful enough?

  • wormwoode

    Looks like they’re not resin. Plastic. Probably farming them out to China, then.

  • KelRiever

    So people are going to pre-order bases for their miniatures and wait for them to be delivered how long?


    Come on. Well, why should I complain? They got funded already, right? Pardon me while I sit down from my massive eye roll