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CoolMiniOrNot and Spaghetti Western Games to Publish Queen’s Necklace

CMON and Spaghetti Western are teaming up to re-release the Queen's Necklace card game. Originally released by Days of Wonder, Queen's Necklace is a bluffing and set collecting game where players are trying to collect gems to create the greatest piece of jewelry to appease the French Queen. But watch out, as the King can block gems from being used. CMON and Spaghetti Western will be adding all-new artwork to the cards, as well as updating the rules to integrate various changes and FAQ clarifications from previous editions of the game. Expect to see the game this September.

From the announcement:


CoolMiniOrNot (CMON Inc.) and Spaghetti Western Games announced today they have acquired the rights to reprint Queen’s Necklace. Originally manufactured in 2003 by Days of Wonder, Queen’s Necklace is a highly regarded card game designed by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti. Queen’s Necklace received high praise upon its original release for its clever blend of wagering, set collection, and bluffing mechanics, as well as its inspiration derived from Alexandre Dumas’s novel of the same name, The Queen’s Necklace.

Spaghetti Western Games said they plan to keep what made Queen’s Necklace a modern classic intact, while updating the game for today’s audience. Their plans include reskinning the game with beautiful new art by Denis Zilber and updating the rule book to include all the changes made to revised additions of the game as well as integrating clarifications to rules original addressed in digital only FAQs. CMON Inc. and Spaghetti Western Games have stated this is going to be the definitive version of Queen’s Necklace. CMON Inc. plans to publish the new, updated Queen’s Necklace in September 2015.

About Queen’s Necklace – Queen’s Necklace was originally published in 2003 by Days of Wonder. It used the Alexandre Dumas novel, The Queens Necklace, to create an exciting setting where players take on the role of jewelers of the French Royal Court shortly before the French Revolution. 2 – 4 players collect sets of gems in an attempt to craft the most beautiful jewelry possible and appease the queen. However, no player knows for sure what gems the other players have, and the king can block gems at any time. Fast paced and simple to learn, Queen’s Necklace is as much about playing the other players as it is about playing the cards.

About Spaghetti Western Games - By working with several well-established designers such as Eric Lang and Paolo Maori, Spaghetti Western Games has consistently designed games that achieve critical praise upon release. Their games include Kaosball, Arcadia Quest, and Dogs of War.

About CMON Inc. – CMON Inc. started as a community driven site where painters could upload pictures of the miniatures they painted and have them rated by others. Using that fan base, CMON Inc. moved into publish board and tabletop games. They now have a large catalog of games including Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, Kaosball, Dogs of War, Dark Age, Wrath of Kings, Xenoshyft, Rum and Bones, and more.