CoolMiniOrNot acquires Enigma and Gamezone licenses for North America

CoolMiniOrNot will be producing Enigma and Gamezone figures for the North American market.

From their announcement:

CoolMiniOrNot is pleased to announce agreements with both Enigma and Gamezone to manufacture their miniatures under license in the USA.

Gen Con will be the first time miniature fans can purchase Enigma miniatures produced here in the USA. CoolMiniOrNot will have the full line of 32mm Massive Darkness on hand at Gen Con with 2 brand new releases – Oberon and Fiama.

Enigma is famous for their line of high quality 32mm miniatures which until now have been difficult to obtain outside of Spain.

CoolMiniOrNot has also acquired the rights to manufacture Gamezone Miniatures in North America and will also present the full line of Gamezone Dark Elves at the booth.